Where is Kalkan on Turkey map?

Kalkan is on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, also known as the southwest. Belonging to the vast Antalya region, it sits between Kas, another delightful coastal resort and Patara, a rustic village famed for its sandy beach, the longest in Turkey.

The location of Kalkan is at Turquoise Lycian coast in the South Mediterranean segment of Turkey. Kalkan is 27km east of Kas and 87km west of Fethiye. The closest large city to the town of Kalkan is Antalya. You can access to international airports in your way to the town. Dalaman international airport the closest one is which is 121.7km far from Kalkan. The second airport which is relatvily far from the town is the international airport in Antalya which is 244.1km from Kalkan.

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Where is Kalkan on Turkish Riviera map?

Kalkan is very condensed town and one can walk from one end to the other in around one and a half hours. It is form Kisla to the end of Kalamar. If it was not for the steep hills and drops covering Kalkan, on straight smooth road the town’s one end to the other would be shorter. Kalkan is made up of two picturesque bays; the bay of Kalkan and Kalamar bay, which twins up with it separated by a cone-shaped hill-peninsula in the middle. Set back about a kilometre from the seafront is the D400 carriageway that connects Kalkan to Fethiye to the west and Kas-Antalya Road to the east. Some of Kalkan's most sought after properties are below the D400 road due to easier access to town center and the seafront.

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Where is Kalkan on European map?

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Komurluk Kalkan Map

Komurluk is probably the most eye-catching area and mostly wanted by holiday makers. Because of the fact that, locals generate high income by renting homes, quality villas for sale in this area is very limited. The price is also high compared to other neighborhoods in Kalkan. Komurluk is found very close to the left of Kalkan town looking out toward the sea, within a few distance to the center and the harbor. Besides, this neighborhood has a view to the Bay of Kalkan and you are also able to see the sun-rise as well as the sun-set. Sea fronts villas in good shape are available for transaction in this area, but because of high demand, they sold out very quickly. But in any ways, we advise you to buy a holiday home in this area if you are planning to make money out of rent for long time.   

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Kışla kalkan map

Kisla is another place where some of Kalkan's most amazing houses are
situated. In comparison to Komurluk, homes in Kisla are more modern in terms of architectural and more spacious too. Villa Mahal; one of the best beach clubs is found in Kisla. Ther are also other entertainment centers in this place. Alike from Komurluk; beach-front villas, temporary boat mooring and beach platforms are available in this area. If you are looking for a home with reasonable price, we advise you to make a transaction in this place. The small village of Kalamar bay has a mix of older style houses and modern contemporary designs. The price here is very attractive compared with the pervious neighborhoods. For more detail, price and product list, you can visit Property for sale in Kalkan | Kalkan real estate for sale - Turkey Homes and sort out the home you are looking for.  

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