kalkan old town


Kalkan Old Town

Kalkan has become a significant and desirable location during the 19th century as it was the only secure pass-through between Kas and Fethiye. When we see the early past history, Kalkan was not a place of significant settlement.  As the settlement was started, a group of people both from Turkish and Greek backgrounds commonly called Kalamaki began living in this place. It was settled 150 to 200 years ago by people of both origins. The settlers were using camels to transport products from the Xanthos valley nearby and the mountain highlands near Elmali and you can find a tract of it in the literature while visiting Kalkan old town. At the latter time of Kalkan's old town, cargo ships were sailing for the far reaches of the Ottoman Empire to fetch laden with cotton, grain, wine, and timber. By the early 20th century Kalkan had become quite a sizeable village.  At the turn of the century, it had its own custom's house and in 1915 there were reportedly seventeen nearby restaurants, a goldsmith, a shoemaker, and several tailors. The first local elections were held in 1928 and in 1937 the present elementary school was opened.

Kalkan old town is now Europe’s most eye-catching and extraordinary big starched Mediterranean bays with the Taurus Mountains is a prime location for tourists. The very gorgeous harbor is full of Turkish wooden gullets and small fishing craft. This special location and historical old town have a restaurant at the seafront and beaches with amazing service. The then small village and Greek fishing yard are now thriving with the bustling historic Old Quarter being the heart of the town.  It is a place of not only historical masterpieces but also a town with astonishing streets full of roof terrace restaurants, traditional houses, small boutiques, and local shops at an excellent location. You will enjoy walking via cobbled streets and narrow streets of Kalkan old town, especially during nighttime. The center of town has houses with private roof terraces. The view to Kalkan Bazaar from the roof terrace is an additional unique experience. Traditional houses with lovely views are found at a convenient location.    

Apartments and Villas in Kalkan’s Old Town

With its Ottoman and Greek origin, Kalkan old town still has distinctive architecture and it shares a great deal of similarity with the neighboring Greek island called Meis (Castellorizo.  On your way through Old Kalkan, you will see a lot of historic architecture. These architectures are unique with the traditional Kalkan building Style and are preserved and protected very well. There are roof terrace restaurants with a great view to the seacoast and whitewashed and stone buildings with shuttered windows timber, and balconies, this old town is the ideal destination you want to visit once in your life. The then Greek Orthodox Church but now a mosque at Kalkan`s harbor is the best example of Greek architecture in Kalkan.  

As part of your accommodation, you can find a Kalkan villa and apartments for rent in Kalkan old town. A collection of four-bedroom villas with private pools and sea views are available. You can find a detached villa at an accessible location with a few minutes’ walk far from Kalkan's Old Town, beach, harbour, and restaurants. Prices start at £1195 on average for a week-long accommodation.  In one of the best locations, three-to-four-bedroom apartments which are also very close to Kalkan's Old Town, beach, shops, and many lovely restaurants are also available. Each apartment has a shared swimming pool and prices start from £445 per week.  Private garden and complimentary service like daily housekeeping with some additional charges are available.

Entertainment in Kalkan Old Town

Old Town Kalkan

You can find public beaches and beach clubs with amazing staff and facilities.  Water sports are famous at the club beaches and you can find the best water sport at Kaputas Beach.  There are colorful boats for the water taxis and you can also access adults-only property and CCTV outside the property. At Kalkan Old Town Within Kalkan bay, you can enjoy the boat trips, fishing trips, and waterfront restaurants found at a central location.

Best hotel in Kalkan Old Town:

The Courtyard Hotel is one of the oldest and also the first hotels which is very close to Kalkan's Old Town. Within a two minutes’ walk from this hotel, you can reach the beach and restaurants and Kalkan’s old town. An intimate boutique hotel offering 6 exceptionally selected rooms with suitable facilities. It has a Private Pool, bedroom property, dry cleaning, Private bathroom, laundry services, and luggage storage. Furthermore, multilingual staff at the reception will give you more information about vacation rentals and property details.

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