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About Kalkan, Turkey

In this introductory easy, we are trying to explain Kalkan’s many features and detail Kalkan’s location in the map, accommodations, travel services, shopping, restaurants, rental villas and apartments and more. This guide come up with plenty of important Kalkan information and depth analysis of describing the many eye-catching attractions of the Kalkan district. We also provide you information about various Kalkan property for sale.
Kalkan is a town found in the city of Antalya, Southern part of Turkey. It is one of mostly visited resort by tourists which specifically located in the district of Kumluova. Peoples who want to spend a great time at the famous Turkish Mediterranean shores which is also the best in the middle east are welcomed to visit Kalkan.

Tourists can explore historic building and roman time architecture. Different people from different countries visits Kalkan during summer time but the majority are form British which consists more than 90 percent of total tourists in the year 2020.
The ancient town of Kalkan has interesting place and one of the most attractive destination along Turkey’s gorgeous Lycian Coast. With the absence of mass tourism, Kalkan remains a charming and unspoiled haven of lush nature, brilliant blue crystal-clear sea, historic architecture, ancient history and warm traditional Turkish hospitality.

Kalkan is believed to be established between 150-200 years ago by Greek merchants and became a popular trading town. Historically it was the only secure and stable harbour between Kas and Fethiye. The church which is built by Greek Orthodox religion follower is the oldest building in Kalkan. But later the building has been changed into a mosque once the Greek settlers were replaced by Turkish traders. The town had been an important trading harbour up until the 1960’s. after the construction roads connecting Kalkan to other coastal towns, Kalkan’s occupants moved to other places across Turkey. Tourism in Kalkan and the surrounding areas started having ground up on the compilation of Dalaman international airport in 2006.
Most of the jobs in Kalkan rely in tourism during the summer which means many of the people that live here are very invested in keeping the town special. This is what gives Kalkan its friendly and magical feel. 

Is Kalkan expensive?

Prices of necessary products in Kalkan is much reasonable than Britain. You probably spend 2.32 times less for basic goods in Kalkan than in Britain. To give you a heads-up on exchange rate, one pound is equivalent with 12.07 Turkish lira. In terms of food price, if you prefer to cook, you can find Turkish popular grocery markets like BIM and Migros in most places. They provide quality products with reasonable price. Regular 1 liter milk for instance cost you 0.68 US dollars. Local cheese (1 kg) is about 5.30 US dollars. 1.5 liter of packed water is 0.34 US dollars. Pack of cigarettes is 2.20 US dollars on average. You can visit BIM.com or http://hikersbay.com/prices/turkey/p/kalkan?lang=en for product lists and price in Kalkan.

If you are looking for accommodation to stay, an average hostel will cost you only 15 US dollars per night. The average price of one star hotel per night is around 100 US dollars. In three- and four-star hotels, you are required to spend 103 and 136 US dollars respectively. A five-star hotel in Kalkan will cost you only 200 US dollars with a good service.

For transportation you can rent a car or use taxi. If you rent a car and want to buy a fuel, Gasoline one liter is around 6.70 Turkish lira or 0.76 Us dollar. If you prefer taxi, remember that the price of a taxi in Kalkan depends on several factors. Taxi starting price is about 8.00 TRY or 0.92 US dollars. For 1 km ride by Taxi in Kalkan you have to pay about 2.90 TRY or about 0.33 dollars.