Top Beaches and Beach Clubs in Kalkan

After having a great time visiting historical sites ancient ruins, you will surely wonder about the man-made platforms. The beach clubs can offer you swimming, sunbathing, water sports, boat trips, bathing platforms, or a great lunch in these famous holiday destinations of Kalkan. Thus, we are going to introduce you to the top beaches and beach clubs in Kalkan.   

Best Beach Clubs of Kalkan

kalkan beach club

Zest Beach Club

This brand-new club is established in 2019. Zest is a recent development to the Kalkan beach clubs and it has a laid-back, barefoot vibe.  Eye-catching spacious terraces chained up from the seafront and are equipped with soft day beds. It is very close to the sea which gives you additional opportunity to dip in and out easily. If you are not into swimming, you can give it a try to the saltwater swimming pool with a view to mouse and snake islands. As unique to this club, a waiter- service to pool and day beds is available and there is also a restaurant providing light bites and main meals. 

Kalkan Beach Club

Kalamar Beach Club

It is a popular club among big families with kids and young adults. If you take a taxi to the beach, the club will compensate the cost, however, the use of a sunbed and parasol, showers, pedalos, and kayaks are charged with reasonable rates. Food and drink are available at an attractive price. The Kalkan Dive Centre and Aristos Water Sports are offering different options from scuba diving to jet skis and private boat hire to trampolines.

Kalkan Beach Club

Yali Beach Club

Built near Caretta Caretta, with a restaurant, bar, sunbeds, and beautiful views across the Kalkan bay, The Yali beach club is an ideal spot to spend quality time refreshing yourself.

There is a great range of water sports and swimming can be reached through ladders which lead from the rock platforms down into the water. Charge per person is levied for the sunbeds, parasols, and towel. This club is highly recommended for couples/adults.

kalkan beach club

Kalkan Beach Park

Like any other Kalkan beach club, Kalkan beach park is also providing water taxis but free and exceptionally free sunbeds are also offered. It is very popular among children mainly because of the water slide. If you don’t want to swim, there is a small area where you can walk while observing your children entertaining by the water slide. Water sports are also available in the peak summertime.  A restaurant serves homemade chips and pizza and plenty of chilled drinks.  Beach club facilities are free.

Kalkan Beach Club

Patara Prince Beach Club

The largest club with shoreline sunbathing platforms, and there are two seawater swimming pools however one of them is reserved for adults only in Patara Beach.

It has also a seafront restaurant to serve a lot of popular foods. You can use a water taxi from the harbor and it will take you straight to the beach club with some charges for the taxi and facilities inside the club.  

Kalkan Beach Club

Caretta Caretta Beach Club

With a short walk from Kalkan harbor through the coastal path, you can reach this amazing place. It has a beach club and boutique hotel. 

It is preferable for its isolated and secure swimming area, delicious home-style cooking, and amazing hospitality by beach club staff.

You can get free sun loungers at Caretta. Beach Club facilities include hammocks, a panoramic restaurant, and a spa bath almost at sea level.

Kalkan beach club

Indigo Beach Club

You can walk through the old town to experience great views as the Indigo beach club is located at the rear of the harbor wall. Water sports and restaurants with a great selection of foods are available in this place. Aside from other facilities, the sunbeds are charged per person.  

Kalkan Beach Club

Palm Beach Club

This contemporary beach club is very family-friendly and has a bar and restaurant. The beach club is situated on the far side of Kalkan Bay. At the harbor, you can find a free water taxi and it only provides service in the daytime. There are sunbathing platforms, cushioned sun loungers, table tennis, shower facilities and they also offer different watersports.  You can get into the beach club by using a water taxi down at the harbor, this is a free shuttle service.  

Beach Club Kalkan

Mahal Beach Club

If you want to be in the oldest and finest beach club in Kalkan, then come to Mahal beach club. Likya Beach inside Mahal is on the site of Kalkan’s first and oldest beach club built at the hillside and under the shade of olive trees. Connected by stone stairs, Sunbeds and parasols are dotted around the place.  A restaurant is open all day and water sports are available. You can also enjoy the massage therapy available in this Mahal. For your journey, the water taxi is accessible through the harbor.  

Kalkan Public Beach

Kalkan Public Beach

Kalkan Town Beach

This spectacular place is found on the Mediterranean coast of Kalkan harbor. It has given a blue flag award for being clean. With its pebble beach, it has clear waters and very attractive surroundings. Sunbathing platforms and umbrellas are available. 

Kalkan Public Beach

Kaputas Beach

This area can be reached after a short ten-minute journey from the Kalkan bus station. It is situated at the foot of a striking mountain gorge. Due to its attractiveness, it has been included in most travel brochures. If you are into swimming, turquoise waters would be your best place but it rather gets deep in a short swim, so be careful. Shower facilities and toilet facilities are available. And you can hire umbrellas and you can have access to the café as well.    

Kalkan Public Beach

Patara Beach

You do not want to skip this place as it is the famous beach in Kalkan. it is also a national park and covers 18 km. It has a stretch of sand and dunes. Because it is a national park, you are supposed to pay an entrance fee but very small. Just to give you a heads-up, Patara has been crowned as the top beach in the world. Regarding accommodation, you can hire umbrella and sun lounges. In its small café, you can buy ice cream, soft drinks, and food. Due to the presence of undercurrents, you should be attentive while swimming, and children should be closely monitored.  


Does beach cricket available in Kalkan beach clubs? 

Different sports activities are available including water sport and beach cricket.  

Which beach club provides free water taxis and sunbeds?

Kalkan beach park would offer you a free water taxi and a sunbed. 

Does Kalkan have a sandy beach? 

You can find a sandy beach in Patara Beach.

Top clean beach in Kalkan?

Kalkan Town Beach is the cleanest beach in Kalkan as it has given a blue flag award.

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